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April 14, 2010
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<Wake up!> a voice in Kim's head said. Kim opens her eyes, and looks at the clock. "Zoey... it's 6:30.... am," Kim said, sleepy. <I know, but all good girls go to school!> Zoey laughs. Kim grunts, "I am not going to school." Zoey responds, angrily, <Kim! You are 15 ! You need to go! Just look at your room!> Kim looks around, seeing it all feminine. She sits up, and looks at a mirror. The reflection shows Zoey standing there, and Kim stares. "Hey," Zoey says. "How?" Kim asks. Zoey smiles, "Well, while you were asleep, I took control. I altered your room, and well, created this mirror. Now, don't worry. Whether you are Phoenix, or Kim, or I am in control, this room shifts to fit that person. As for the mirror, we can talk, face to face." Kim stares, then looks around, "How did you do this, especially being a weaker demon then me?" Zoey laughs, "Well, missy, I borrowed your powers, and some memories. Whether you like it or not, we can excess each other's memories." Kim growls, standing up. She mutters a spell, but nothing happens. "I combine our powers, so the room reflects the body. Anyhow, time for school!" Zoey shouts. Kim glares, "I am not going to school!"

"Damn bunny," Kim mutters, walking to a school, wearing a skirt and blouse. While carrying a backpack. "So much weight on me! Grrrr...." Kim walks, complaining. She walks past a house, and hears some foot steps, where a girl comes running through, and collides with Kim. The new girl apologizes, and looks up. Blue eyes meet purple, blonde hair hiding both faces. They stand, the new girl being a inch or two taller than Kim. "So sorry. Hi, I am Crystal," The girl says, holding out her hand. Kim shakes it, "Kim. Nice to meet you. What's the run for?" Crystal smiles, "Oh, school. Oh! I am going to be late! Wait... we are going to be late!" Crystal grabs Kim's hand, and drags her. "Hey... wait!" Kim looks Crystal over, noticing they both wore the same outfit. <Nice, a friend. She smells.... good> Zoey says. Kim sighs, <No. Did you have any....?> <Nope,>  Zoey says.

At the school, Crystal pulls out a schedule, and looks around, "Math... math.... do you know where room 511 is, Kim?" Kim blinks, "Ah, no... but that's where my class is." Crystal walks down the hall, and waves, "Found it!"

Kim sat in class, bored. Her notebook was covered in more complex math problems then those on the board. Crystal, on the other hand, was writing everything down, and kept looking at it. Kim smiles, realizing that Crystal had no clue how to do it. 5 classes later, Kim and Crystal learn that both had almost the exact same classes (Kim and Spanish, Crystal had French), the two stood outside the girl's locker room. Kim opens the door, and Crystal stands there. All the other girls had already enter the gym, since Kim and Crystal couldn't find the place. "Come on, Crystal. It's time for class," Kim says, waiting. Crystal nods, "It's just..." She looks around, and enters. As they undress, Crystal says, "Kim, I think I can trust you. Listen up..." Crystal looks around, making sure the area was clear. She continues, whispering, "I used to be a guy name Clyde. My sis change me, so I can see how she feels." Kim blinks, "Clyde?!? It's me, Phoenix!" The two look at each other, then burst out laughing.

"Wow, that makes me feel better! So, what did you in?" Crystal asks. "A mission gone wrong. Well, at least we have each other," Kim says, hugging Crystal. They break, and Kim heads over to the bathroom. Crystal walks over, stopping at the mirror, and looking herself over. "I will wait for you. I just haven't looked at myself much," Crystal says. Kim nods, and enters the bathroom. She sits down, and goes.

<Well, isn't that nice?> Zoey says. <Shut up> Kim thinks. Zoey remains silent.

Crystal looks at her body, then walks into the bathroom. "Kim?" Crystal calls. No response. Crystal walks in, and Kim walks out of the stall. "Oh, hey Crystal," Kim says, washing her hands. Crystal walks over, and looks in the mirror. She smiles, "I like this face, but..." Kim walks over the the bathroom door, and presses it. Unknown to Crystal, the door locks itself. "But what?" Kim asks, swaying her hips more as she walks over to Crystal. "I just want to look into it... not wear it...." Crystal says. Kim grins, as her body ages some. Crystal turns around, seeing Kim different in the mirror. Crystal faces the older Kim, and shouts in surprise. Kim moves quickly, grabbing and tripping Crystal the the ground. Kim's clothes change to a pink bunny outfit, as her hair turns red, becoming shorter. Crystal stares up, scared. "Listen, Blondie... I think you need some improvement..." "Who... who... who are you?" Crystal manages to whisper. Kim leans forward, whispers in Crystal's ear, "Name's Zoey. But like a lot of things, I doubt you will remember it."

Zoey bites down on Crystal's neck, much to the girl's protests. Crystal stops struggling, while her body changes. Her boobs grow larger. Her hips widen a bit, while her legs grow a little longer. Crystal's waist shrinks inward, while her lips puff out. He body darkens in a nice tan, as her hair gets softer, and darker, yet remaining blonde. Her clothes shift, from gym clothes to a cheerleader's outfit. Inside of Crystal's head, Clyde was having trouble. He wanted to fight back, yet... the pleasure made him relax. It is so much easier to act, not think...

Zoey lets go, and stands up. She smiles, "Stand up." Crystal stands up, eyes hazy. "Now, to test your memories," Zoey grins, walking around her work. She touches the butt, causing it to grow some. "What is your name?" Zoey asks, and Crystal responds with, "Crystal." "Good, good," mutter Zoey, "How long have you been a girl, and what are your hobbies?" "I have always been a girl. I like cheerleading, flaunting my stuff, boys, and hanging with my bestie, Kim!" Crystal says, cheerfully. Zoey nods, "Well, Kim, she is yours!" Zoey laughs, but then switches back to Kim, who was now wearing a cheerleader outfit. "What the?" Kim asks, looking down. <Zoey!> Kim thinks, before Crystal blinks, "Kim! Come on, we will be late!" She grabs Kim's hand, and drags her to the gym. Inside of the gym, some other girls were stretching, preparing for cheerleading practice. <Well, Kimmy, looks like you are cheerleading!> Zoey laughs. Kim growls, before memories of various chants and cheer dances enter her mind. <You might need those, cause that's what the head cheerleader will make you do,> Zoey laughs.  <Huh?> Kim asks, before Crystal shouts, "Ready? Let's start our practice. And Kim, remember, flaunt your stuff more, got it? How do you think we're suppose to help win the football game?"

Kim walks home, and throws her bag onto her bed. She looks at the mirror, "Tell me, what did you do to Crystal? I tried talking to her, but..." Kim stares, scared, as Zoey grins.

John walks in, smiling. He was planning on making Crystal wear a bikini, and tan with him at his friend's pool, but as he looks for Crystal, he feels off. "Oh, Crystal, where are you?" He shouts. "In here!" a rather cheerful voice says. John walks in, seeing his sister cooking in a cheerleader outfit. "Alright, John, dinner is cooking. Also, my boyfriend is spending the night, okay?" Crystal says, coming over. She hugs him, and John gets a massive headache. Memories of his old life, where he was Clyde's sister, disappear, replaced with John's memories. "Sure, but be safe, Crys!" John says, smiling
Alright, aftermath of getting Zoey into my body. Here, Zoey has learn that she can adjust my room. Now matching my current body, I fear what else she can do.

On the way to school, we meet Crystal, only to learn she is Clyde. Fun stuff. Well, Zoey gets loose, and removes Clyde from Crystal. What's left behind this time is a bimbo cheerleader. Kim awakens to find she is also part of the cheer squad. This doesn't look god for either girl.

John, Crystal's brother, has plans, but somehow gets adjusted. What are all of Zoey's powers?

John and Crystal/Clyde Belong to :iconjustforfun92:
Zoey and Kim/Phoenix belong to me
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