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October 10, 2010
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"Come, come, my dearies
come to get my sweets
come, come, my dearies
to become
what you pretend to be!"

A witch stood next to the table, whispering the spell over and over, as she grabbed a vial. The purple liquid glows out, as she grins. Looking over the table, and grabbing the bowl of sweets. She opens the vial, and turns it, but rather than a liquid fall on it, the liquid changes to a gas, and slowly settles on it. "Come, come, my dearies," she whispers, as her doorbell rang in the silent house. "Guess it's time," she says, grabbing the bowl, and walking to the door.

Three people stood there, teens as they were, grinning, and holding toilet paper. "Trick or treat?" The three ask. The witch grins, "Ah, but my darlings, I choose treat, so no tricks tonight?" She offers the bowl, and the three grab some candy. "Thanks!" They shout, walking off.

"Why is it always treat?" A boy, dressed as a cheerleader said. "Maybe because they don't want you to scare children tomorrow?" A french maid teases, hugging the vampire. The couple laughs, while the cheerleader growls, "This is the best costume ever! Why be a demon, vampire, or witch, when you can be something unexpected?" The maid and the vampire look at each other, before laughing. The vampire looks over, "Because if it wasn't for Halloween, you would be cross dressing." The cheerleader scowls, walking ahead. "Hey, let's go home, and you can watch me clean," The maid teases the vampire. "You two, get a room!" The cheerleader shouts. The trio, thought they argue somethings, stop at a few more houses, before walking to the vampire's house.

The vampire plops down on the couch, as the maid walks over, and sits next to him. The cheerleader sighs, eating a piece of candy. The vampire turns on the television, and shouts, "Hey, shouldn't you be more peppy for a cheerleader?" The maid laughs, as the cheerleader counters, "Shouldn't maids be silent, and cleaning? Anyways, I am going to the bathroom." The vampire laughs, "Hey, just like a girl! Telling us what they are going to do!" The maid growls, "I don't tell you what I do all the time!" The two laugh, eating some candy.

The cheerleader walks, unaware as the house starts to change. The hallway wides, walls becoming rock, while doors grow into large, wood and iron counterparts found in castles. The lighting of the place changes, as electricity becomes something that hasn't touched the place. Lit candles shine out, as the cheerleader pushes open a door. "Now, where is the..." He stops, looking around the bedroom. He shrinks slightly, reaching only 5 feet tall. His blonde wig quickly attaches, as the cheerleader brushes her hair, looking around. "What was I looking for again?" She asks, her voice softer, as her face changes to the female counterpart. She blinks, as her eyes change to a deep blue color. She walks, her legs filling in, and the butt puffing up, making any guy, if around, would just droll over. The cheerleader sits down, on the bed, and sighs, "I wish my boyfriend would find me! Then we could have a little fun in this castle!" She reaches up, and pushes her ample breasts up. She looks around, and grins, "Maybe I should scare him!"

The maid and the vampire sit there, teasing each other. As they played, they didn't notice that their hearts stop beating, nor the paling of their skin. They stop, just suddenly the mood gone. The two sit on the couch, apart from each other. The maid sits there, in conflict. She had two urges. One was being the vampire's girlfriend, and wanting to spend her life with him, while the other was to obey her master's orders. She stands up, as her neck grows a line, before stitches quickly appear, keeping the head on the body. She walks over, grabbing a duster, and starts dusting. Everything she dusted quickly switch to a castle counterpart, or simply disappeared. She trips, as her foot twists. She falls, lands with a thud, and turns around, and fixes her foot. "Stupid doctor. Hope he can make me real again, and maybe Master will like me more!" She whispers, standing up, and continuing work.

The vampire sat there, watching his girlfriend for a bit, before yawning. He gets up, and walks down the hallway. He grins, as his fangs grow, waiting for blood. He takes steps, and stops, spotting a girl ahead. "Looks like I get a meal tonight. Must be Halloween night, as most only enter then." He walks forward, ready for his meal.


The witch sits there, watching a crystal ball. It showed a vampire slowly following the cheerleader. "Hm... maybe I should interfere and not make it play out as a normal horror story?" The witch asks herself, as the door bell rings again. The witch sighs, grabbing the bowl, "Hopefully I will be back in time to stop them. Or..."

Three people stood there, again. "Trick or treat?" They ask. The witch looks at them, and grins at the boy dressed as a baby, "Shouldn't you be cooing instead of chatting?" The group laughs, as the football quarter back replies in a female voice, "Well, it was me or him, and I don't think the public wants me topless." The group laughs. "Well, this is certainly a trick. Here you go," the witch counters, handing out some candy. "Thank you!" They shout, walking away.

The trio travel back, laughing. "I must say, the female quarterback, and the male baby, nobody would expect it! The only thing worse, a female baby!" A doctor says, grinning. The baby and the Quarterback laugh, before the Quarterback shouts "Hey!" The visit a few more houses, before entering the doctor's house. They sit down, turning on the television, and starting chowing down on their sweets. After half an hour, the quarterback gets up, "Be right back. Bathroom." The other two nod, watching her leave. "So, shall we have a bet?" The baby asks the doctor. "Oh?" The doctor counters, "and what would the little baby want tonight? Some breast feeding?" The two laugh, before the baby grows serious, "How about this. All are candy goes to the one who bangs her tonight. Deal?" The doctor this, "Hm... I might take you up on that one." He hold out his hand, and the two shake. They let go, feeling odd. They shrug it off, and just sit back, watching the television. They sit there, waiting, as the baby blinks. He looks at his brother, and then thinks, -Wait... we're friends, not brothers... or are we brothers?- He sits there, debating, and looks back. His 'brother' seemed to be a lot older before, but the thoughts of brother disappeared. He looks at his body, noticing he was skinnier, and closer to the couch. He spots baby fat on his body, as he stares. "I... 5?" he asks himself, before looking at his dad. He stares in shock, but as he watched, he saw everything growing. He tries to scream, but then feels himself take a dump in the diaper. He starts crying, before someone picks him up, and whispers, "Did my little girl make a stinky again?"

The doctor sits there, glancing at the baby occasionally. He notices the baby getting younger, and glances at himself. He noticed he was getting older, yet his body felt different. He watches, glancing occasionally, then looks down. His coat was buttoning more, as it became more, and more skintight. The bottom looked almost like a skirt in a boy's wet dream, while his pants were just stockings on his legs.  He stares, caught off guard, as two mounds grow on his chest. "Boobs?" He asks himself, before squeezing his legs together, as the skirt forced it. He didn't feel anything between her legs, and she gasps. "I'm a woman..." She looks over, seeing a baby sitting there. "My daughter? Why..." She stops, and then quickly ties her hair back in a ponytail. She smells something, as the baby starts to cry. The nurse stands up, picks up the baby, and says, "Did my little girl make a stinky again? Well, let's change you, then I have to go to work."

The quarterback walks, looking around. Each step brought her down the hallway, leading to a dining room of a castle. "Where did this come from? Damn castle, I am walking around lost! Where's my friends? Or my girl?" She blinks, "My girl? Wait, I am a girl!" She pushes the chest part, expecting normal pain, yet it did not come. "What's going on?" She asks herself, her voice deepening to the male counterpart. She pats her groin, feeling a cup blocking her intentions, before a scream makes her look up. A cheerleader bursts through a door, with a sheet hooking to the door handle. "Baby?" The quarterback asks, as the cheerleader rans past, scared to notice her boyfriend. A vampire falls, grinning, before spotting the quarterback, and frowning. He jumps at the football star, as the said star lowers his head, and rams the undead being. The vampire stands up, and grins, "I like my meat tough."


The witch grinned, staring at the quarterback fighting the vampire. "Ah, love stories always swept me off my feet. Brooms, too, but that's unusual. Now, as for the others?" She waves, as the crystal ball shows a nurse breast feeding a baby. "Seems she is enjoying herself. Now, for her husband... a lawyer, maybe?" She asks herself, thinking about it. She gets ready to cast a spell, but before a word is uttered, the doorbell rings.

4 girls grinned, "Trick or treat?" They shout. The witch grins back, "My, my, we got a doll, a playboy bunny, a witch, and what's are you?" The remaining girl grinned, "A cat!" Her painted on whiskers looked a little faint, but she held out a paw, waiting for candy. The real witch passes out the candy, but stops before giving the teenage witch hers. "Cast any good spells tonight?" The real one asks. The fake one grins, "You know, just the ones to get the boys to look at me, and not her." She points at the bunny, who counters with a "Hey!" The group laughs, as the real witch finishes giving out her candy.

The four girls leave. "She gave us a lot! And she had a good sense of humor!" The barbie doll says, eating a few. "I wouldn't eat too many, otherwise you would lose your figure!" The cat teases. The doll glares, "Ah, but animals don't need candy, no do they?" She grabs her friend's bag, as the cat counters. The other two laugh, and as soon as the quarrel stops, they all resume walking. They start up a conversation on who was getting the most guys attention, until the doll started to slow down. She tried to keep up, but she felt if her legs weren't moving correctly. She stops, trying to fix her heels, so she could walk normal, but finds her legs wouldn't respond. She looks at her friends, walking ahead, forgetting her, as she shrank down. She tries to shout out, but before she could, her mouth curves into a permeant smile. She tries to raise an arm, but failing. She shrinks, as the world grows darker. A failed attempt at blinking leaves the doll staring at some more dolls across from her. She mentally gasps, as she becomes surround with clear plastic. She realizes what she became, as the store owner passes her, leaving the store to enjoy his night.

The three walk, their doll friend forgotten. They pass another group, get some more candy, before the bunny stops. "Hey, I forgot something!" She says, turning around. "We'll be waiting at my house," The witch says, as the bunny walks back to a house. She stops at the door, debating to knock, before just walking through. She grabs her notepad, and a pen, and walks back out into the restaurant She sighs, seeing how crowded it was. A girl with red fox ears, and tail, sneaks up on the bunny. "Boo!" She says, scaring the bunny. "Hey!" The bunny turns around. The vixen grins, "You got yourself a table full of huskies. The bunny sighs, "Why am I the lucky one with the canines?" The vixen laughs, "Cause your are short, and cute?" She glares, before walking away, not happy to get howled at.

The witch and the cat make it to the witch's house, and look around. She looks at her friend. "Maybe you should change back for the night. We did get lots of candy for us to enjoy later." The catgirl nods, "I agree." She sets her bag down, and gets down on her hands and feet. "Meow!" She teases, as fur spreads across her skin, the fabric of cloth turning to fur also. She shrinks down, frame popping as bones rearrange themselves into their cat counterpart. The furry faces pushes out to a small muzzle. The transformation quickly completes itself, as memories of the cat being human fade into the night.

The witch looks at the cat, and asks, "Are you hungry?" The cat meows in response, starting to walk up the stairs to the door. The witch looks around, before following the cat, whispering, "Come, come, my dearies..."
Ok, will need some help. If anyone knows how to get the first 5 lines to be in the center, please tell me how! Otherwise, I am leaving it (which I don't want to.)

Now, I feel I have to explain some things, in a way. Here is my Halloween story this year, and it involves a lot.

Start off, the main character is a witch, who... changes everyone.

Now, as for some back info. The girlfriend of the vampire becomes the undead maid of the vampire, and cleans the castle. She is still in love with the vampire, but the vampire doesn't return the affection.

The Quarterback, and the Cheerleader are dating, and as some do, they enter the creepy castle on Halloween. The girl planned to scare the pants off her boyfriend.

The nurse and the baby have no real back info....

The last 4, I am proud of. Very interesting results. The Barbie doll becomes a toy doll on the shelf. The bunny enters an Anthro-like world, where she is a waitress. The witch and the cat become... well, a witch and a cat

Now, some things about the actual story.
There is a reason why I didn't give anyone regular names. I felt that it would first, add confusion to what's going on. Second: It's helps with the horror. Third: It allows the reader to connect with his or her favorite one.

Now, for the end, does the fake witch become the real witch? Well, that's for you to decide.

Story belongs to me.
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