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September 6, 2009
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“Master Magician, do we need a volunteer for the next event?” said a tall, bunny girl to a magician. She was wearing a white top, which barely covered her breasts, a red mini skirt, red long sleeves, big dark blue eyes, and had long light brown hair in pigtails. What was unique was that a few minutes before, she was a guy. The magician just looked like a basic magician with a top hat and cape. “Well, I guess so, my lovely assistant,” commented the magician. Dustin and Giga, who arrived with the bunny girl when she was a man, were visited by a maid. In fact, it was the same maid who took their friend away. “Dustin, and Giga, you both have been asked to join the magician. What do you say?” she asked. Dustin and Giga both nodded and walk with her. They reach the back of the stage and the maid says, “Dustin, you go on stage. Giga, please follow me.” The maid walks off to a dressing room, and Giga follows. Dustin turns and walks on the stage.
Giga’s change
Giga follows the maid into a dressing room. She noticed the names on it. It said Kim and Crystal. The maid closes the door, and locks it. “What did you do that for? Am I not going to be on stage?” Giga asks. The maid responds, “You will be on stage, just not the way you plan.” A blue beam hits Giga. Her clothes disappear. She stood there naked, glaring at the maid, before the changes begin. On her legs, stockings appear. She rose up a few inches, as high heel shoes appeared on her feet. On her body appeared a blue dress, with a mini skirt attached. On hands and arms appeared long gloves reaching pass her elbows. Giga feels a weird sensation, like she was hallow inside. The maid walks over and pushes Giga. Giga falls, hit the ground, and looks at her body. Rather than be the normal shape, her shoes pointed at two opposite angles, and her socks, dress, and gloves were lying flat on the floor, as if nothing was there. The maid walks over, picks up Giga’s head, and walks over to a makeup station. Giga sees her head and neck in a mirror. The maid picks up an empty lipstick bottle, and runs it across Giga’s mouth. When she finished, she put the full lipstick container. Giga wanted to scream, but couldn’t because her mouth was gone. Then the weirdest thing happened. It was like a hole was punctured in Giga’s throat, and that she was draining out. She looked like an upside down bottle of water, but her whole head was disappearing. But before the liquid hit the table, it stopped a few inches above, spread out, and then fall as pieces of makeup. After a few seconds, the only thing left of Giga was her hair. The maid set the pile down on the table, walked over, picked up the clothes, and put them nicely away. “We can’t let you look to bad,” said the maid, “Otherwise Kim wouldn’t have anything nice.” She walked back over to the cabinet, and started to sort out the ribbons and hair ties that a few seconds before was Giga’s hair.
Dustin’s change
Dustin walks up on stage. The audience applauses him and the magician asks, “Dustin, are you ready?” Dustin nods. The magician walks over, takes off his hat, and puts it on Dustin’s head. “Kim, my dear,” the magician said to his bunny girl assistant, “Do you mind doing me a favor. Can you pull this hat down?” Kim walks over, and grabs the rim of the hat, and pulls down. The hat’s shape didn’t change, but Dustin went into it. When Kim reached the floor, she swiped it up, and handed it to the magician, who just put it on his head. “Master Magician,” Kim said sadly, “I thought you were going to get me a new friend.” “Wait and see, my darling,” smiled the magician. Inside of the hat, Dustin couldn’t see anything, but his body had a weird sense of changing. Outside the magician takes off the hat, puts it upside down on the floor, and reaches in. His arm sinks up to the shoulder, and he says, “Come on, where did I put you… Ah ha.” He grabs something and pulls on it. A bunny girl gets pulled out, and trips forward, feet out of the hat. The girl stands there, and looks around. The magician was a slightly taller than the average for men, with Kim somehow being taller than him. This new bunny girl was shorter than the magician. Her hair was red, barely reaching her shoulders; she had dark blue eyes, and a nice figure. Her breasts were big, but not as big as Kim’s, but her hips and butt were bigger than Kim’s. She wore the more traditional bunny outfit, which was a pink corset, light pink stockings, and pink high heels. She also had a red bowtie. Her bunny ears had a slight red tint to them, and she didn’t have a tail. The magician picks up his hat, and walks between the two girls. They both look at him, and then turn, shouting together, “We have one more trick to do, and then we’re done.”
Well, here we have :icondustomega:'s character joining the magician's show. It also involves a side that a lot of people don't think about. I got the clothes tf idea from a few artist here on dA.

I had this idea stuck in my head for awhile, but didn't have the time to write it. Also, one problem was that I couldn't decide to have :iconrollsumi:'s character get tg first, or this first. But I have fianlly decided to make this part first (the third part will be interesting).

This wasn't a request, and the main reason I picked :icondustomega:'s characters was because he gave me to characters to work with in stories.

Giga, and Dustin/Crystal (the pink bunny girl) belong to :icondustomega:
Kim, and the magician belong to me.
The outfit that Giga became belongs to Kim, but she might let Crystal wear it sometime
Pic I used to Dustin's tg: [link]
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well this was new. I don't think i ever saw a transformation like Giga's before. it was neat. Dustin looks good like that too. XD
PhoenixDaimon Sep 6, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
yeah, i think tftgar made a wedding dress sequence before, and test-0 made a girl turning into a school girl unifom pic.
Rollsumi Sep 6, 2009   Writer
awesome story, the transformations are great!
PhoenixDaimon Sep 6, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
benwolf0 Sep 6, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
PhoenixDaimon Sep 6, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
thanks. What did you like about it?
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