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Tsunade was sitting at her desk, filling out paperwork. The sun had set a long time ago, Shizune had left for bed, and the village quieted down. Tsunade gets a chill down her back, and decides to stand on the roof. When she reaches the door to outside, she tensed up. What am I doing? Is there an enemy out there? she thought. She opens the door and steps outside. In the cool, breeze night air, she could make out a figure sitting on the railway. “Who are you?” she shouts. The moon light hits the person, and Tsunade could see a brown cloak. “In four days, send Naruto, Temari, Hinata, and Shikamaru to a field 80 miles south of here. Do this, or Fire will make this the Land of Fire,” said the person in a deep male voice. “And what if I stop you?” Tsunade snapped back. “Stop me? You must be kidding. I’m warning you, and you think I’m attacking?” laughed the brown cloak man. “You’re Earth, from the Seven Swordsmen. You are their leader, right?” Tsunade shouted. “Yes, I am. But Princess, do as I say, or this village is destroyed. How about this, since you are a gambler. Those for will face two of my men. They win, I and the two defeated people will return so you can have the bounty. But if they lose, we keep them,” said Earth. Tsunade glares at him. “Let’s wait and see,” said Earth, vanishing into thin air.
4 days later
“Man, this is a drag,” said Shikamaru, walking with Hinata, Temari, and Naruto through the woods. “Stop complaining,” said Temari, “Lady Tsunade said it was a mission to reunite with allies. Powerful allies.” “Sheesh, we don’t need them,” Naruto said, ticked off. “Hm…Lady Tsunade..said you could train with them…Naruto,” Hinata said, red faced. Naruto ignored her. They walk for a bit more until they come to a clearing. “Crap, this is bad,” snarled Shikamaru, “Hinata, use your eyes.” “There’s no need for that,” said a girl’s voice. Appearing in the middle of them was an 18 year old girl. Her hair was long, and pink, she wore a pink mask shaped like a top of a diamond, and had a pink dress on, accenting her curves. They Leaf Shinobis jump away. “Man, you are worse than Thunder when you do that,” said a guy in a white cloak. His hair was white, and his face wasn’t covered in a mask. “Wind, you’re like Fire. You need to relax,” said the girl. “Who are you?” shouted Naruto. The two people look at him, and then at each other. “He’s the one we want, right? So we can kill the others,” Pink said. “Hey, Pinky, I’ll take you on,” taunted Naruto. Shikamaru frowns, This is bad, we don’t know their abilities, and Naruto is already challenging them. The girl laughs, “Pinky? The name’s Crystal, don’t forget it, because you soon will die by my swords.” She draws to ninja swords, making them appear from under her arms. Both swords were made from blue crystal. All four Leaf Shinobi draw kunai. “Got ya,” Crystal smiles. “What?” was the last thing all four Shinobi said before being completely incased in crystal. “Well I got them, you transport them,” Crystal said to Wind. He sighs, and a tornado whips around the area. When it dies off, all six people were in a room. “Hey, Wind, I feel a love connection between these four. Can I?” said Crystal, pleading. “Fine, as long as Earth doesn’t yell at us again,” sigh Wind. Crystal smiles and the crystal prisons shatter. But something was off. “I’m Temari,” said Temari. Shikamaru looks at Temari, “How?”  Hinata and Naruto just look at each other. “Mission complete I suppose,” said Wind.  “What happen to us?” shouted Hinata. Crystal smiled, “We were suppose to turn you into the opposite gender, but decided on swapping your bodies. Hinata, you’re Naruto now, and vice versus. Same applies to you Temari and Shikamaru.” “I…Naturo,” said Naruto. “See ya later,” shouted Wind, as dust blew in their eyes. When the dust cleared, they were standing in front of Tsunade. She was reading from a scroll. “Damn,” she said, “So all four of you got switched. Now what will we do with you, Shikamaru.” Tsunade was looking at Temari. “Well, we could…”
Years later
After the event, the four people decided to get married, which was awkward, but helpful. They lead lives that they could. So end the end, nobody really seemed to notice the difference.
Don't worry, I'll explain later why the Swordsmen could tg Naruto again. Later...

Anyhow, here's :icondave37:'s request. I have seen the anime episodes, so I tried to match the characters up. I sor of skipped out on the transformation part, but that's one thing Crystal can do. Just extremely fast transformation.

Naruto is owned by however created him. I own Earth, Wind, and Crystal
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Trimaster7 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2009
um, Masashi Kishimoto for your information. Btw, your TGs end WAY too abruptly. Build a STORY, why dont 'cha
PhoenixDaimon Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
i know about Kishimoto. Just didn't feel like putting it up at the time.

Yeah, I know my stories end, but I can't ever really think of a good ending. Sort of wanted to leave it open. Also, I'm not that good of a writer yet.
nairn1572 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2009
at the start it has sakura in it but at the end its temari?
PhoenixDaimon Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
shit...word missed that. I tried to switch sakura out (changed my mind). Thanks I'll fix it
DAVE37 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2009
thanks so much!
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