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September 20, 2009
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Ivan got out of the taxi, and look up at a house. It was a fairly normal house, but had this sense of making people not want to walk up to it. Ivan walks up to the door, and rings the doorbell. After a few seconds, a guy with a black mask opens the door. His red eyes stared at Ivan. “Um….hi. I’m Ivan,” Ivan said. The mask guy looks him over. Ivan gets nervous, “Are you Phoenix Shadow?” “How did you find my house Ivan?” Phoenix asks. “It’s the internet. You can find anything,” counter Ivan. Phoenix stands there, staring, and then burst out in laughter. Ivan jumps in surprise, “Huh?” “Come in, come in,” Phoenix says, pulling Ivan in, “So why are you here?” Ivan blushes, “Well, I had a business trip, but once I landed, I found out the meeting was cancelled. The building was change into a strip club. Then I found out you live here, and decided to say hi.” “Fair,” Phoenix laughs. “Did you by chance change them?” asks Ivan. “No, I haven’t. I have been working on my experiments all day. Hey, you can stay the night if you want. It is getting late. You can use the guest bed,” Phoenix said, leading Ivan up some stairs. They enter a bedroom, and it looked like a normal bedroom. It even had a flat screen tv. “Do you have a shower? I have been out since three this morning. That plane makes ya feel sick,” explain Ivan. Phoenix points at a door in the room. “I’m going to my room, it’s down the hall, in the left,” says Phoenix as he left. Ivan throws his bag down, and finds so fresh clothes. He walks into the bathroom, seeing that the basic stuff was there. He gets undressed and climbs in the shower. He starts the hot water, and decides to let it slide over him. He grabs the soap and begins to wash himself. As the soap went across his body, it changed. He started with his feet, and they became smaller. He washes his legs next, and the hair falls off, and his legs become shapely for a woman. He rubs his hips, which grew wider under his fingers, but he didn’t notice. His butt grew bigger. He cleans his member, and when he was finished, she stretched. As she was stretching, she lost some height. “Man, I need to get to bed soon,” she said in her male voice. She rubs the soap on her waist, causing it to shrink. She cleans her arms, and they became thin and delicate.  She grabs a wash cloth, and washes her face. She finishes washing her face. She washes her chest, and could feel something strange about it. It seemed to grow out. But the warm water distracted her enough from noticing. She grabs the shampoo, and starts washing her hair. As she did so, her hair grew out, became softer, and turns blue.  She finishes rinsing, as her body softens, and steps out the shower. “My chest feels weird,” she said in a girl’s soft voice. Ivan stops, opens her eyes, and looks in the mirror. She screams at the top of her lungs. Instead of a 23 year old man looking back at her, she was a small 18 year old girl. Phoenix busts open the door, “WHAT IS IT? WHO”S HERE?” He sees Ivan, and shouts, “SYLUX!!!” Then walks over to Ivan, “Are you okay?” Ivan nods. “Sorry, my friend must have put some tg soap in this bathroom. I’ll go and get you some clothes.” He leaves, and comes back with a night gown, “Sorry, all I have is this. I think Sylux was hoping I would be tged, and left with this.” He hands Ivan the gown and leaves. Ivan puts it on, and then lies on the bed. A few minutes later, she gets up and walks down the hall. She finds Phoenix’s room, and sees that he is watching a sci-fi movie. “Hey,” she says. “Oh, hi. Ah…come in,” he says, surprised. Ivan walks in and lies down next to Phoenix. His bed was a queen size, so there was plenty of room. “Okay…” Phoenix says. “Quiet. Let’s watch the movie,” said Ivan, sleepy, “You are so nice to me. I wish we could spend more time together.” “Ivan, you okay?”asks Phoenix. “I’m fine. Just feel like hanging out with you,” Ivan says. Two hours later, the two were asleep in the same bed, hugging each other, and the tv was still playing.
During the night, Ivan had bizarre dreams. Most were about being at a beach. Ivan noticed, though, that her body was tingling, mostly in her groin, stomach, and breasts. She was on her back, but she wanted to roll on her side. Something heavy was on her belly, and that prevented her from moving.
Ivan woke up, but kept her eyes close. She tried rolling on her stomach, but could only make it to her side. Her belly seemed that it didn’t want her to roll over.  She rolls back on to her back, and notices that her belly wanted to keep moving. In fact, her belly seemed big, like fat big. She opens her eyes, and sits up. Or tries to and falls back. She sits up again, moving her legs, and looks down. Her belly was big and round. She rubs it, then realizes Phoenix wasn't next to her. “Phoenix?” she says looking around worried. The door opens, and a 20 year old man walks in. At first, Ivan thought it was Phoenix, but it wasn’t. This guy had short black hair, green hairs, and a healthy build. He spoke, his voice completely different from Phoenix’s, “Vivi, dear, you are awake! You probably shouldn’t sit like that. We don’t want anything happening to our baby.” He sits down, and puts a hand on Ivan’s stomach. Ivan looks at him scared. “What’s the matter, honey?” the guy says worried, “You look like you don’t recognize me. I’m your husband, Sylux.” “You are Sylux? Where’s Phoenix?” Ivan asks, worried. “Who’s Phoenix?” Sylux responds confused, “We probably should get you ready for you appointment.” He helps Ivan get up, and get dress, and helps her into the car. He drives her to the doctors, and they go in. The sit in the waiting room, where Ivan spent the time rubbing her belly. The nurse lets them in, and Ivan sits next to a machine. The doctor walks in, and says, “You ready to find out the sex of your baby?” The couple nods, and the doctor prepares the necessary stuff. They look at the screen as the doctor moved the scanner around. “Well, by the looks of it, you will have a baby girl in a few months. Good luck.” “That’s good!” shouts Sylux. Ivan looks down and says, “I guess I got my wish.”
Okay, here is :iconwarmenx:'s request. Fun story, we had a conversation yesterday about waking up as a pregnant girl and well...after I finished the last story, I wrote this instead of what I was suppose to. But It's a good story.

Phoenix :iconphoenixdaimon:
Ivan/Vivi :iconwarmenx:
Sylux :iconshadowsylux:
caption pic: [link]

And :iconwarmenx: made part 2 [link]
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MysticKris10 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014
There is a part two right? If it was removed you can re-write it. I like how Vivi wakes up pregnant. The married thing is quite a shock.
DragonOfDistruction Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Professional Artist
It's amazing!!!!! You're the best.:-) :-( ;-) :-* :-[ :-\ :-D 
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Pretty good. I like this idea, and even though it is below quality that I usually favorite, I feel like it deserves one so fav!
Blufire1992 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2010  Student Writer
well now that was intriguing... very funny story...
skittysango Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Really intresting. I think this is really good. ~Deichan~
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